The vision of FKCA is to enrich the arts and enhance the cultural heritage of the Florida Keys.

mission statement

The mission of the FKCA is to advance the creative development and promotion of the arts in our cultural community by providing excellence in leadership, advocacy, education and financial support for artists, cultural organizations, and citizens of Monroe county.

cultural equity statement

The Florida Keys Council of the Arts is committed to ensuring that everyone in our community has equal access to the arts and the fundamental right to express their culture through the arts. We believe the arts have the power to change hearts and minds and inspire social change.

The Florida Keys Council of the Arts has been designated by the Board of County Commissioners as the Local Arts Agency (LAA) as provided by Florida Statute 286.011 and 265.32.

Cris Sandifer

Adams Waterway Key Largo by Cris Sandifer -Public Art Collection Murray Nelson Gov't & Cultural Center.